5 Web Design Statistics Every Designer Should Know

5 Web Design Statistics Every Designer Should Know

5 Web Design Statistics Every Designer Should Know

Design is an important aspect of a thriving online business. Without the proper or right design, the business loses the capability to attract the users or prospects stops engaging with the website. Any of these causes will be the reason for business failure. Hence, if you are a website designer, you bear many responsibilities and must know what you are doing and what the userbase wants. But how, exactly? Here are 5 web design statistics that can help you:

Mobile Web Design Statistics:

Responsive web design is not a new trend. But if you are still overlooking the importance of this step, here is something that will make sure, as a web designer, why you have to take this more seriously. The mobile device has been a constant source of website traffic.

In fact, it was hovering around 50% for quite a while, and according to the latest statics, in 2021, mobile devices are now generating 54.8 % of total traffic. The number is huge and growing continuously. This indicates, it is more important than ever to optimize the website to support mobile devices. It is also important to look into making a dedicated mobile app for the business you are working for. If you want to explain why then this blog post helps you considerably.

Apperance matters

75% of online users judge the credibility of a business by how it looks. 94% of people say the design is the main reason to distrust a business. To make it short, in the online business, looks matter. The appearance here is everything. While making the design, ensure the elements you use must adhere to industry standards and look professional.

The website you make must be easy to the eye, and navigation should make sense. Consider the number we talked about earlier and take appropriate steps to ensure the users feel comfortable and safe when they are on the website.

The first impression is important

It takes about 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about a website. This 50 millisecond is crucial for carrying out the engagement with the customers. If your design isn’t attractive enough, then within those tiny bits of seconds, they’ll form a negative opinion about the website you made. And it is highly likely they will hit the “Exit” button. So, your design should have the “Wow” factor.

Build trust

According to recent statistics, 44% of website visitors will leave a website without direct contact information. Therefore, make sure to add the contact details on the website. Our suggestion is to add a map as well as a review section. This will build confidence amongst customers to do business with a brand.

Slider or carousel is not ideal

Still, using a slider or carousel to design the website? According to a study, only 1 % of the user uses those features. Analyze the website to understand how the slider or carousels is working or not. If it is not hitting the 1% mark, then it is time you think otherwise. Maybe swapping it out and replacing it with another on-page element can boost the interest? You need to try here things on your own!

Those are the top 5 stats every designer must be aware of. I hope this blog will help you satisfy your clients’ needs and wants. And if you are looking for the best website designers who will adhere to these statistics and build a website that will deliver a fantastic experience, then get in touch with us. We are one of India’s best website design and development companies, offering the best design solution to clients scattered across the world.