Google Adwords vs Facebook advertising – which is best?

Google Adwords vs Facebook advertising – which is best?

Google Adwords vs Facebook advertising – which is best?

With Google processing more than 40,000 searches, every second and 1.56 billion people on average log onto Facebook every day and are recognized daily active users, Google Ads and Facebook ads are obvious options for PPC campaigns.

But is one better than the other?

Facebook advertising and Google advertising are pretty different and each has its own strengths. They can often be complimentary depending on your business type, your marketing objectives and the nature of your prospects.

Google is the behemoth of the search engine market. More than 50% of people who are connected with the internet use Google as their default search engine to research any information. Often, this exercise in Google Search is representative of prospective clients that are already interested in making a purchase, and in the process of evaluating brand, price and product alternatives. This is why search ads in Google are so successful, as they enable you to advertise directly to people that are actively searching for your service & product.

pro of Google Ads:

Here’s the pros of Google Ads:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • You can measure the results
  • Your budget can be big or small
  • You have full control of your ads
  • AdWords ads have increased in size
  • Fantastic exposure in the search results
  • Test new ideas and continue to improve
  • Creating an AdWords campaign can be quick

Google Ads Cons:

  • Adverts have limitations
  • Keywords Must Be Specific
  • You pay for each click to your website
  • If you have no budget, your ads will stop
  • Your landing pages need to be top-notch
  • Competitive industries have higher cost per clicks


Facebook is a social media platform where people spend a lot of time to stay in touch with family and friends, and of course to receive news, offers and what not! Worldwide Facebook has a vast network of users and almost 60% of users spend at least 15 mins a day browsing through their feeds. Facebook collects a huge amount of data about clients, like location, age, email ID, shopping patterns and many more which is a dream comes true for a digital marketer or digital marketing company! So what’re the best Facebook offers and what are the drawbacks? Below is the list!

Pros of Facebook Ads

Pros of Facebook Ads

  • It’s Inexpensive
  • Microtargeting
  • Facebook Re-Targeting
  • It Boosts Your Page Likes
  • Your Content Could Go Viral
  • It’s the Biggest Social Platform
  • You Technically Don’t Need Another Website
  • The Targeting Capabilities of Facebook Are Exceptional

Facebook Ads cons:

  • Diminishing Organic Reach
  • Users Have to View Their Feed
  • Some Metrics Are Misreported
  • It’s All About Money (Who Pays The Most)
  • It’s Not the Most Preferred Social Platform Anymore

So, which one is better for you? Why not use both!

Adwords is a very efficient direct answer form of promotion, targeting prospective clients that are hunting for your product or service in Google. It is very great at driving new and relevant clients to your website. Facebook Remarketing can quite perfectly compliment this process by enabling you to retarget these users with your proposition, thereby improving the chance of a conversion.

In the eyes of a digital marketing company like Elvira Infotech, both methods are clear winners, but, it also comes down to precisely what you desire to get out of your digital marketing campaign. Google Ads is best for quick sales while Facebook is excellent for brands that want to concentrate on fans/followers and lead generation.

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