5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

Millions of websites of all kinds and sizes use WordPress to publish fresh content every second. WordPress powers almost  29% of all websites. This content management system has swiftly grown to be a choice among both web-savvy users and beginners alike because of how simple-but-powerful it is. If you are considering building a website, then you must start a website utilizing WordPress. If you are nevertheless sitting on the fence, find the following five ideas why WordPress is worth changing to if you haven’t already.

It is free and flexible: As a web development company, we understand that building a custom site takes a lot of resources and cash. The same thing can be achieved through the WordPress site. Therefore, why not save some money with WordPress? There’s no need to begin from scratch; WordPress can start the journey freely available and personalize. Like WordPress, the plug-ins that generally come with are most of the time do not charge for making use of it. These plug-ins are not only free but open source as well. Thus, you can always go through the codes to see how it works, and you can forever change according to your preference.

SEO friendly: Major search engines like Google adore WordPress. Reasons? Well, because it consists of a well-written code. If you’re thinking of a head start with SEO, WordPress is the way to go for. Adding fresh new content to your website through WordPress is relatively simple & highly recommended. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for someone tech-savvy to update your content.

Affordable themes: Themes are what present WordPress its design; it’s what unites the CMS to the front end. WordPress is exceptionally resilient and versatile. While there are some beautiful good free themes, I have found that for $20 bucks, the excellent premium themes are worth every penny. Most require almost no customization!

Scalable: Plug-ins are add-ons that can be effortlessly installed in the WordPress dashboard. An area to add features that are not part of your sites’ core code. If you require a particular function or features that are not built-in, there are hundreds of plug-ins available to boost WordPress’ functionality. In almost every case, so there is likely a solution already developed for anything you crave for – the possibilities are limitless!

A huge community: The world of open source is quite amazing. Filled with independent developers and contributors, always striving to make changes to create a platform that is efficient, amazing, and feature-rich. WordPress is open-source; therefore, you will find thousands of people contributing to make it better. What does this mean? Well, this means fewer bugs, lowest numbers of backdoors, and undoubtedly several amazing features. Here, you will never be held ransom by anyone designer or developer. YOU own your website!

As a WordPress development company, the above five reasons is our favourite. However, there are many. What strikes us most is the simplicity of the platform. You won’t need anyone to spoon feed you on every single step. The CMS is amazingly simple and quite self-explanatory. Therefore, you can always update new content whenever you want to be.