Mobile Apps and Their Impact on Our Future

Mobile Apps and Their Impact on Our Future

Mobile Apps and Their Impact on Our Future

It’s incredible, yet true that, right now, there are more than 2.5 billion people globally own a smartphone and use it regarding over 250 times a single day, crawling through different types of apps. It’s astonishing how mobile apps have changed every aspect of our lives. And it’s been proven that a mobile application does boost your business.

AMP is changing the web app landscape: Google began the AMP(Accelerated mobile web pages ) plan about 5 years back. Lately, the search giant Google further stated that there will be a separate search index for the mobile web. This changes the mobile web trends – particularly from an SEO perspective and digital marketing perspective. Google Amp supported web apps will significantly load faster on portable devices & decrease bounce rates in huge numbers. It will further help publishers with improved ad visibility and more visitors.

The AR & VR tech is growing: Augmented reality and virtual reality are not science fiction anymore. AR and VR apps are going to be the latest trend in the mobile apps world. Mobile apps developers for Android and iPhones have now been working on VR apps that assist the entertainment domain. PokemonGo is a standing model of the success of such an application. Although it’s not required that VR will catch on so soon, AR is already making it big in the mobile apps world.

Artificial intelligence: Beside AR & VR, there’s going to be a significant boost in the investment throughout the mobile AI sector. Through state of the art algorithm, advance analytics, and machine learning, AI will be able to offer exceptional insight to the organization, which wasn’t possible before.

Cloud-driven apps: The advent of cloud technology is influencing the way a user interacts with an app or the way developers build applications. Cloud computing now has completely integrated itself into the world of the mobile application. It makes mobile apps more convenient from anywhere and anytime – without putting a lot of load on the phone memory or space since these apps fetch their inputs right from the cloud server.

Enterprise apps and micro apps: The prime goal of a dedicated business mobile application is to assist you to restructure & streamline your overall business manners. A micro app, on the other hand, is targeted to serve only a particular role. These kinds of apps are essential for the benefit of businesses in today’s world.

Security Apps: Security is of utmost concern in this very connected world. According to Gartner, approximately 75% of the apps do not even pass basic security inspections. This covers a number of points such as login systems, access to external storage, etc. It can be simple for hackers or other adverse entities to utilize this if security is not given a precise thought during the development phases itself.

Mobile commerce: More than 65% of overall internet traffic is coming from portable devices. Yes, you read that perfectly right. The dominance of desktop and laptop on the internet is over. So more and more potential prospects are preferring mobile use than browsers. This study is pushing entrepreneurs to move onto the mobile domain. Even mobile payments are now becoming quite convenient for customers.

Other happenings in the mobile domain are the increase in wearable gadgets and IoT. Mobile apps development for Android and iPhones is witnessing a change from traditional – basic apps to apps that can do a lot more!

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