Emerging WordPress Trends To Follow In 2022

Emerging WordPress Trends To Follow In 2022

Emerging WordPress Trends To Follow In 2022

If you are a WordPress user and looking to gain a leg up in the competition, then here are a few WordPress web development trends that will prevail in 2022. Let’s check them out right away.

There are many reasons why you should build your website on WordPress. But, if you are a WordPress user and looking to achieve a leg up in the competition, then here are a few WordPress web development trends that will help you to stay ahead in 2022.

Artificial intelligence

In 2022, AI or artificial intelligence will gain momentum. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most major technological advancement that happened that humanity has seen in a long time. Since its inception, it has changed the way it interacts and matures to the point where a lot of businesses can integrate this into a website to reap the benefits of this technology.

If you can utilize the power of AI in the right way, you can add essential functions such as:

  • AI-powered analytics for valuable insights.
  • Daily repeated tasks could be automated.
  • Improved tracking & consumer behavior for better marketing

There are many AI plug-in available that you can make use of. As a web development company, we would suggest going for WordLift, Akismet, and Quttera.

Voice Search

Voice Search has become a popular and convenient choice for users, especially ordering products or booking any services online. Therefore, riding this trend and integrating the voice search function into the WordPress website is crucial. Smart home devices such as Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomePod, and much more gained significant momentum last few years.

Therefore, people are more leaning towards voice rather traditional way of typing. It is crucial to recognize current user behavior when developing your WordPress website. Integrate voice feature as well as make your content easy to read by voice search apps. This process will undoubtedly take some time but is definitely worth everything. While you are integrating voice search, make sure you work on this too:

  • Use a WordPress theme that is lightning fast.
  • Keep your content clear to understand.
  • Fill the blanks with schema markup in your content.
  • Optimize your website to appear in Featured Snippets.


Page Builders Will Rule The Roost

The best WordPress development companies worldwide say that full site editing features and drag and drop builders have made users very comfortable in recent years. It is convenient for web development companies and users who are not tech-savvy. And this fantastic user-friendly feature will grow, and the acceptance of this will increase in 2022 and beyond. Now you can build a safe and feature-rich website without extensive code knowledge.

With easy use drag & drop feature, users now effortlessly drag & drop their preferred boxes, modules, or features into their preferred design layouts, saving a lot of resources. This is good for the business owner and the WordPress developers.

Website development trends constantly change. And there is always room for improvement to make the website much more accessible and feature-rich. The abovementioned trends are just three of many yet major trends that will be prevalent in 2022. And we will keep sharing the updates! In the meantime, you can contact the best website development company to integrate all the above features and a lot more!